Who we are

Six years ago, when we arrived in Tortuguero, we noticed that todays' Budda Cafés' yard was not in use and we realized that it was the place with the biggest potential of our site, a garden with a privilege view to the channels of Tortuguero.
In our beginnings, we used to take out a table to be close to the river and hear its sound, but then, when guests arrived, the first thing they would do was to go directly to out "Staff" table, or ask us to please make an exception and let them eat outside of the restaurant.
During high season we began to move tables from the house to the yard. Those were hilarious times. Some days, because of the rain that prevails in this zone, water started to fall hard. Waiter friends and guests had to run inside with our hands filled with dishes and chairs to escape from the rain. Little to little we started growing.
Our space and in particular our "rancho", gave us the relief of enjoy the space protected from the rain. As our food doesn't intend to be pretentious, neither do we.

Enjoy this place as all Budda Café family has.