Where we are

We are located at the center of picturesque town of Tortuguero, next to the ICE and in front of the souvenirs store. Tortuguero is called this way for being the most important area of green turtles' arrival and egg laying of the west. Situated at Costa Ricas' caribbean coast, at Limon province, in a thin earth strip between Caribbean sea and Tortuguero Channel, Tortuguero is a more than 1000 habitants town surrounded by the Preservation area of Tortuguero, that protects Tortugueros' National Park and Barra Colorados' Natural Refugee. Tortugueros' National park, is one of the most popular touristic destinations, due to its beauty and its rich biodiversity.

The channels, rivers, beaches and lakes from this area, are a rain tropical forests', fresh waters' and marine biologys' treasure. Parks' fauna includes jaguars, tapirs, sloth bears, frogs, toucans, crocodiles, bats, a big population of monkeys, amphibians, birds, fishes, and even, if you are lucky when the river grows, manatees and dolphins that enter from sea through "La bocana", point where the cannel bonds with Caribbean Sea.